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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

They Got Mojo

Haven't been blogging much lately. Sorry, I got busy with RL (Real Life). Lots to do, and little time for the computer; and when I do plunk my arse down in front of it, just haven't had much energy for creative expression lately.

I'd like to thank Ryan from Backward Kingdom (formerly Wretched of the Earth) for coming out a week ago to Good Shepherd and speaking to us, and to Holy Cross in Belding, about his mission experiences in Thailand. It was an honor to have him visit us--an engaging and articulate young man. I'll tell you what I told him: the reason I am such a fan is the same reason my heart is encouraged by the Rev. Matt Harrison of LC-MS World Relief/Human Care. These are guys who love theology, but they also have heart. It just thrills me to see brains turned on by Lutheran (i.e., Bible-based) theology, and hearts on fire with Lutheran (i.e., Christ-centered, grace-based)... umm.... what? What do you call it?

Brain : Theology :: Heart : ?????
"Cardiology"? hmmm
"Passion for people"? Puh-LEEEze. Gag me with a Church Growth graph!
"Missiology"? Naw, too theoretical.
Aw, heck. Call it "Mojo". Yeah, that'll do.

Brain : Theology :: Heart : Mojo

Well, maybe not. Anyway, these guys have it in spades, and it just makes me beam with joy to see it. God bless it, whatever it is, and send its increase!


Anonymous Ryan said...

Pastor Joe,
Thanks for the compliment, I think ;) I'll be sure to let all my Sem professors know about my mojo!

I'm praying for you. (By the way, you better hope that comment about a blog, ahem, doesn't get me in trouble!)

How about this for coincidence: this past weekend I spoke at my home church (the OTHER Good Shepherd), and after the service a woman asks me--out of the blue--"do you know who Matt Harrison is?" I'm like, Duh. And she says: "I'm his mother." Crazy!

I'm rambling. All the best, and thanks again.

Jun 1, 2006, 11:26:00 AM  

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